Published: February 4, 2023

Trace element concentration in Raillietina echinobothrida and Aporina sp. in comparison to their host tissues in laughing dove, Streptopelia senegalensis collected from Nasiriya city, southern Iraq

1-4 Afrah Abid MAKTOOF, Nuha Jabbar ALRIKABY, Hasan Azaati Ibadi ABUL-DOANEJ

Effect of lysine on growth performance and activity of lipase and amylase in domestic quail, Coturnix japonica diets

5-9 Bahaa A. ALSEREAH, Measem Hassan Ali ALALLAWEE, Basil A. ABBAS

Antimicrobial susceptibility of Enterococcus faecalis bacteria isolated from root’s canals

10-13 Kawther H. MHDEI, Mohaned A. KADHIM, Zainab Sajid MOHAMMED

Study of aortic calcification in cows examined in Wasit Governorate, Iraq

14-21 Asawer Abdul-Jabbar AL-SALMAN, Esraa Abdul Khaliq ZEGYER, Hanan Sajjad AL-IEDANI

Metagenomics analysis of the gut bacterial microbiome in D2T patients in Misan Governorate, Iraq

22-28 Heba Salah KHALED, Zahid S. AZIZ, Husam AL-HRAISHAWI

Effects of contraceptive medicines on some physiological and hormonal parameters of the thyroid gland, blood triglycerides and lipoprotein of male rat

29-36 Sabah H. ENAYAH

Antibiotic sensitivity of microbial isolates and therapy of otitis externa in dog

37-41 Asaad Khalaf Talal AL-SHUWAILI

Using qualitative response models in determining rainfall rates and their impact on wheat crop productivity in Iraq for 1995-2018

42-46 Saad.A. NASIR, Mrwan. Z. RIJIB

The effect of lemongrass, Cymbopogon citratus, on some physiological parameters in male Awassi lambs

47-54 Abdulkhaliq A.F. AL-JANABI, Mohammed S. ALSALAMI, Abdullah I. NOAMAN

Treatment of burns associated with diabetes with tannins extracted from Haloxylon salicornium and Zygophilium coccinium


Morphology of tongue in a local Iraqi breed cattle, Bos taurus

71-76 Ahmed, S. JABUR, Mahdi, A. ATYIA

Identification and characterization of bioactive compounds in two algae species of Haematococcus pulvialis and Dunatiella saline from the waterbodies of Basrah region, Iraq

77-84 Mahmood Shakir HASHIM

Effect of oral administration of collagen-α® reproductive activity and growth efficiency of mature male rabbit

85-89 Bushra F. HASAN, Jinan A. HILAL , Nawras A. ALWAN

Histomorphology and histochemical study of the swell body of the nasal cavity in the local Iraqi goat, Caprus hircu

90-95 Ali Faris RESHAG, Azhar Saleem KHALAF

Evaluating the antibacterial and biofilm activity of Pseudomonas aeruginosa isolated from dog’s wound infections

96-104 Sara Abdalkareem RAHEEM, Dalia Abdalkareem ABDALSHHEED

Histological study of lingual papillae on the tongue of the adult Iraqi domestic cat, Felis catus

105-111 Ashwaq Ahmed HUSSEIN, Marwa Khalil IBRAHIM

The liver and renal function test in experimentally immunized rabbits with sonicated antigens of Klebsiella pneumoniae

112-117 Khalid Mahmood HAMMADI

Estimation of heavy metals in muscle tissues of Anas species in Al-Hawizah marshes, southern Iraq

118-124 Saja Mahdi HUSSEIN, Safaa Sabri NAJIM, Salih Hassan JAZZA

Characterization and In Vitro bioactivity of hydroxyapatite extracted from chicken bones for biomedical applications

125-131 Doaa Abbood CHALLOOB, Ali Taha Saleh Taha

Effect the fasting and a ketogenic diet on some hematological and hormonal features of the reproductive system in male mice

132-138 ASMA Kadhem OBED, Ali Khalaf ALI

Estimations of chemical contents of the musculoskeletal system in two cyprinid fishes of Arabibarbus grypus and Leuciscus vorax

139-143 Mohammed Wissam Haider AL-MUHANNA, Kadhim Obaid Mutar AL-HUMAIRI, Akeil Jameil MANSOUR

Relationship between polymorphisms of growth hormone gene with milk yield and its components in Iraqi cattle bred of Janoubi, Cross and Holstein

144-149 Muntaha Y. YOUSIEF, Jaffer M. OWAID, Azhar A. JAAFER

The effect of lighting color on hatching broiler eggs during different storage periods

150-164 Huda Falih SAAD, Salah Mahdi ALSUDANY, Magareb Mohammed JADER

Assessment of various concentrations of tannin extracts on pathogenic bacteria isolated from beef compared to antibiotic sensitivities

165-171 Mohammed M. DAKHEEL, Ban Sahib Abdul-Nabi AL-NASIRY, Aseel M.H. ABDAL-RUDHA

Isolation and identification of non-O157 Shiga toxin Escherichia coli from humans and calves using conventional and molecular technique

172-180 Boraq Jaafar Abdullah, Kadhim Saleh KADHIM, Ihab G. AL-SHEMMARI

Genotyping of TSH-β GENE G>141A associated with some productive and physiological traits of local Iraqi chicken

181-188 Mohammad A.K. Al-ANI, Bassam G.M. Al-KHATIB

First records of three species with their description from the family Figitidae (Hymenoptera, Cynipoidea) from Iraq

189-196 Zainab Fadhel MANSOWR, Dhia K. KAREEM, Nasir A. AL-MANSOUR

Pathological changes in female rat kidney tissue infected by Toxoplasma Gondii

197-201 Sundus W. ALABDULLAH, Shaimaa A. ALSAMIR, Zaid Qutaiba ALZAMIL, Reyam Moaid ALBADRAN

Impact of different levels of probiotics on blood and biochemical parameters of local goat kids

202-208 Maithem K. A. AL-GALIBY, Ihsan A. AL-HASSNAWI, Mazen M. AL-HASSNAWI

Role of Apoptotic signaling pathways in the immune system

209-218 Ali B. ALDEEWAN, Basil A. ABBAS, Nawres N. JABER, Mohammed H. KHUDOR

Oak tree leaves activated carbon with magnetite nanoparticles for the removal of Pb(II) ions from aqueous solutions

219-237 Walaa H. ABDULQADER, Jamal A. ABBAS

Effect of crude ethanol extract of Tamarix aucheria and Suadae vermiculata on mortality larvae instar of Culex pipiens

238-242 Mohammed Qasim WAHEEB, Sadik Thajeb ALI, Haider Radhi MALIH

Histopathological alternation of the liver and spleen of mice treated with Ag nanoparticles

243-251 Suzan Ibrahim BAJILAN, Asmehan Adnan ALNAQEEB, Salwa Ghazi TURKI

Physiological study of cows infected with Theileriosis in Thi-Qar Governorate

252-258 Ohoud Yusr ABDULLAH, Zahra Sadoon HADI

Histomorphological and histochemical study of the cecum in moorhen, Gallinula chloropus, in Iraq

259-266 Rafal YOUSUF, Azhar Saleem KHALAF

Morphohistological and histochemical study of oropharynx and tongue of duck (Anas platyrhynchos), partridge (Alectoris chukar) and ostrich (Struthio camelus) birds

267-279 Iman Mousa KHALEEL, Fatimah Swadi ZGHAIR, Mahdi Abdul-Kareem ATYIA

Effect of spraying some plant extracts on hatching eggs of broiler chickens on the hatching rate and embryo mortality and the weight of hatched chicken

280-285 Salah Mahdi GATEA, Haider Qassim BAQER, Salam Merza Suhail ALTAIE, Thamer Kareem ALJANABI, Mohammed Abdulkadhim HUSSAIN, Baha Abdel Hussein MUSA

Morphological responses of plants to air pollutants: A comparative study on leaf changes in five species

286-293 Ali Abdulrahman FADHIL, Samar Jasim MOHAMMED, Aswan AL-ABBOODI

Evaluation of seasonal changes in parasitic infestations of fish species of aquatic ecosystems in Kirkuk Governorate, Iraq

294-302 Shujan R. HASAN, Abdalhalk A. MOHAMED, Rushdi S. ABDULQADER

Isolation, identification, and antibiotic sensitivities of bacteria from sheep and human gallbladders

303-309 Ban Sahib ABDUL-NABI AL-NASIRY, Noor Muthanna MAHMOOD, Mohammed M. DAKHEEL

Parasitic infections of some fish species in the Kirkuk waterbodies, Iraq

310-317 Shujan R. HASAN, Abdulhalk A. MOHAMED, Rushdi S. ABDULQADER

The effect of aspirin on the Muskmelon plant, Cucumis melo under different levels of salt stress

318-326 Samar J. Mohammed, Ali A. Fadhil, Mohamed I.A. Fayed