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Fars Province, as one of the largest provinces in Iran, has a significant fresh water fish diversity. The present work aimed to review the book entitled “Fish Species Diversity of Fars”, published by Fars Environmental Protection Agency in 2016. In this book, a list of fish species has been described from Fars Province. It provides important information on the taxonomy, morphological, biological, and ecological characteristics and conservation status of fish species. Hence, considering the rich content of this book, it is suggested for ichthyologist and others researches and students in fields of aquaculture, fisheries and biology.


Fars Biodiversity Biology Distribution Habitat.

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RADKHAH, A. R., EAGDERI, S., & POORBAGHER, H. (2019). Fish Species Diversity of Fars, by Esmaeili H.R & Teimori A. 2016. 288 p. Fars Environment Department, ISBN: 978-600-04-5600-9. Iranian Journal of Ichthyology, 6(2), 92–97.


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