Growth pattern and condition factor of seven freshwater fish species from Jebba Lake, north-central Nigeria

Segun Olayinka OLADIPO, Lotanna M. NNEJI, Abass Toba ANIFOWOSHE, Ifeanyi C. NNEJI, Oluyinka A. Iyiola, Adeniyi C. ADEOLA, Moshood K. Mustapha


Length-weight relationship and condition factor of seven freshwater fish species from Jebba Lake (Nigeria) were investigated. A total of 576 individuals were caught with hook and line, cast and gill nets from up and downstream sections of the lake. Sampling covered dry and raining seasons spanning across April to September 2017. The growth exponent b values of the studied species ranged between 2.23-3.89 and the condition factor between 0.47-1.61.


Barbus, Chrysichthys, Hydrocynus, Length weight relationship, Oreochromis.

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