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A large part of Mohr and Lamerd counties in the south of Fars Province, Iran is encompassed in the Mehran River basin of the greater Hormuz basin, which is closely connected to the Persian Gulf and the borders of Bushehr and Hormozgan provinces. The purpose of this research was to prepare a checklist of common edible fishes from the Persian Gulf that are present in the food baskets of the people of the south of Fars Province. Identification of these edible fish species was based on examinations of the cargoes of fishing docks, trade markets, field interviews with elder and modern fishermen and fish sellers of the Persian Gulf, as well as scientific and experimental knowledge of ichthyology. Based on the results of this research, 67 marine fish species belonging to 8 orders, 27 families, and 50 genera were identified and listed as contributing to the typical food basket of people in the southern regions of Fars Province, and more broadly, the Persian Gulf. Within Actinopterygii the highest species richness was found for the order Perciformes (38 species), followed by Carangiformes (19 species), Clupeiformes (4 species), Pleuronectiformes (2 species), and Beloniformes, Mugiliformes, Mulliformes, and Scorpaeniformes (each with 1 species). This is despite the fact that species of cartilaginous fish are not common in the food basket of the people of southern Fars Province. The results also showed that unusual species of bony and cartilaginous fish have more recently been incorporated into the local diet due to changing tastes, use in traditional medicine, and sport. Nevertheless, the traditional and historical food preferences of the local people have not changed greatly in terms of the choices of edible fish. The results of this research may be useful in understanding the dietary habitats of the people of the south of Fars Province and the Persian Gulf region, as well as for the management of the catch, sale, and stocks of fish in the Persian Gulf.


Edible fish Ichthyodiversity Mohr and Lamerd counties Persian Gulf saltwater fish

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GHOLAMIFARD, A., TAGHIPOUR, M., & DEMILIO, E. (2023). Identification and checklist of the Persian Gulf fishes in the food basket of the people native to southern Fars, Iran. Iranian Journal of Ichthyology, 10(3), 195–206.


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