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The subfamily Leuciscinae, within Cypriniformes, consists of many species distributed widely in Eurasia. During numerous ichthyological field expeditions between 2015-2019, we collected the available species of this subfamily from different parts of Iran. Based on previous reports, and our field-collected material, the spatial distribution patterns of the Leuciscine taxa are described and mapped in the country. According to the results, the Iranian diversity of Leuciscinae consist of 42 species in 15 genera, which are distributed in 13 out of 19 Iranian drainage basins, with the highest diversity in the Caspian, Tigris and Urmia basins. We also documented the first occurrence of Alburnoides holciki and Squalius turcicus in the Caspian and Kavir basins, respectively. In addition, two new localities were discovered for Alburnus hohenackeri and Squalius turcicus within the Esfahan and Caspian basins, respectively. The Iranian Leuciscine species are partly known; apart from the fact that their conservation status has been incompletely assessed, the known genetic, biological, ecological and distributional data on these species are also insufficient and systematic observations are needed for taking steps towards their conservation.


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POURSHABANAN, A., YAZDANI-MOGHADDAM, F., MOUSAVI-SABET, H., GHASSEMZADEH, F., ROSSI, G., & ALIABADIAN, M. (2023). An updated geographical distribution of minnows (Teleostei: Leuciscinae) in Iran. Iranian Journal of Ichthyology, 10(3), 182–194.


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