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The relationships between sagittal otolith dimensions and fish sizes are estimated for Silver Sillago (Sillago sihama) from the Persian Gulf. Three dimensions of the otolith (length, width and weight) were shown to be suitable factors for prediction of the length and weight of fish in this species based on calculated coefficients of determination values in linear and exponential regression relationships (r2>0.76). There were no significant variations observed between the sizes of the left and right otoliths. The provided data will be useful for estimating fish size based on remnant otoliths in related studies in the Persian Gulf.


Sillaginidae Fish Ecology Sagitta Sillver sillago

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MIRHADI, S. N., ALAVI-YEGANEH, M. S., & NASRI, M. (2023). Relationships between sagittal otolith and fish dimensions in Silver sillago, Sillago sihama (Fabricius 1775) in the Persian Gulf. Iranian Journal of Ichthyology, 10(3), 166–171.


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