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Length-weight relationship (LWR) and relative condition factor are significant in fishery science as it provides information on fish wellbeing and biological data. The present study describes the LWR and condition factor of five small indigenous fish species of Sareswar Beel, Kokrajhar, Assam of Northeast India for the first time. A total of 443 specimens of five species viz. Nandus nandus, Glossogobius giuris, Puntius sophore, Pethia conchonius and Trichogaster fasciata were sampled from May 2021 to April 2022. All samples were collected using gill nets, bamboo traps, net traps and lift net. The total length and body weight were measured to determine the LWR and Fulton’s condition factor (K). The statistical parameters a, b, and Kn (Relative Condition factor) were also analysed. All species recorded K>1 except Glossogobius giuris (0.909±0.178), and the highest value was recorded in T. fasciata (2.023±0.687). The values of ‘b’ for all five species ranged from 1.643 to 2.961, indicating negative allometric growth pattern. This study is a first report on the LWR and condition factor of these species from Sareswar Beel, Assam. These results may be useful for sustainable management and comparison with future studies.


Glossogobius giuris Fultons’s condition factor Kokrajhar Nandus nandus Sustainable fishery

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NARZARY, B., & KHANGEMBAM, B. K. (2023). A study on the length-weight relationship and condition factor of five small indigenous fish species of Sareswar Beel in lower Assam, Northeast India. Iranian Journal of Ichthyology, 9(4), 204–212.


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