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This work aimed to study the effect of two fertilizers agents of Trichoderma harzianum and nitrogen fertilizer on the gene expression related to cytokinin in tomato leaves. It was conducted in the College of Agriculture, Wasit University, Iraq. Treatments include the control group (T1) without any treatment, 100kg N(nitrogen fertilizer)/h-1 (T2), 160 kg N.h-1 (T3), 20kg N.h-1 (T4), 0kg N/h-1 with 100g of T. harzianum (T5), 100kg N.h-1 with 100g of T. harzianum (T6), 160kg N.h-1 with 100g of T. harzianum (T7) and, 200kg N.h-1 with 100g of T. harzianum (T8). An experiment was carried out by planting tomato seeds in pots under growth chamber conditions to assess the expression of genes associated with cytokinin up-regulation and stimulation. The plants were treated with the above fertilizer agents after 12 and 27 days of seedlings, and sampled 72 hours later. The results showed that all the treatments up-regulator the expression of SlRRA1 and SlHK4 genes in tomato leaves and enhance cytokinin activity and T6 was superior in promoting the expression. The expression of SIRRA1 and SIHK4 genes in cytokinin expression of tomato leaves were affected when treated with two fertilizers agents of T. harzianum and nitrogen fertilizer after 15 and 30 dpi.


Tomato Fertilizer SlRRA1 SlHK4 Gene expression

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YASIR, N. F. ., & AL-SALIHY, A. A. A.-S. (2022). The Effect of Trichoderma harzianum and nitrogen fertilizer on the gene expression of the cytokinin in tomato leaves. Iranian Journal of Ichthyology, 9, 467–473. Retrieved from


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