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This study aimed to enlist the species of the genus Bledius in Basrah Province, Iraq. The results showed the presence of two groups of the Bledius genus, including Gigantulus and Kochi. In total seven species belong to the genus Bledius, viz. B. limicola, B. hoplites, B. (gigantulus) sp.n., B. spectabilis, B. (kochi) sp.n., B. hinnulus, and B. bicornis were collected from Basrah Province, South of Iraq. Description of the main morphological characters of males was provided along with their illustrations and identification key.


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JABBAR, H. A. ., HASSAN, K. S., & ALMANSOUR , N. A.-A. (2022). Diversity of the genus Bledius (Staphylinidae: Coleoptera) in Basrah Province, Iraq. Iranian Journal of Ichthyology, 9, 449–457. Retrieved from


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