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This study aimed to compare the body shape of five populations of Salmo trutta collected from the Namak Lake, Urmia Lake, and the Caspian Sea basins, using the geometric morphometric technique. To this purpose, a total of 130 specimens were sampled from Liqvan-Chai, Mardoogh, Karaj, Jajrud and Haraz rivers using electrofishing. The left side of the specimens was photographed and 16 landmark–points were defined and digitized on 2D pictures. The landmark data was superimposed using a generalized procrusts method and analyzed using PCA, CVA, and cluster analysis. The results revealed significant differences in the body shape (P<0.0001) of the studied populations, except between the Mardoogh and Liqvan-Chai populations. The differences between populations were related to the length and depth of the caudal peduncle, the position of the snout, body depth and position of the pectoral fin base. The Jajrud River population was differentiated from the others due to possessing deeper body depth, shallower head and lower anterior pectoral fin origin. The results can be useful as baseline information on the native stocks for conservational policy.


Geometric morphometrics Body shape Salmo trutta Phenotypic plasticity

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SALEHI, M., MOUSAVI-SABET, H., & EAGDERI, S. (2022). Geometric morphometric analysis of body shape variation in Salmo trutta populations from the Caspian Sea, Namak and Urmia basins, Iran. Iranian Journal of Ichthyology, 9(1), 23–31.


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