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This research was conducted for 90 days by obtaining 16 Awassi lambs aged 4-5 months and weight of 19.56+0.17kg to investigate the effect of selenium and Vitamin D3 supplementation on their Carcass characteristics.  Animals were divided randomly into four groups (4 animals per treatment) including treatment (1) as the control without additives, (2) supplemented with selenium, (3) supplemented with Vitamin D3 (4) supplemented with Selenium and Vitamin D3. Each animal was kept in an individual cage and fed depending on its weight gain measured every week. The results showed no significant differences between four treatments in the shoulders, rack, loin, and rib eye area. The results showed non-significant differences between four treatments in major cuts weight i.e. shoulders, rack, loin, and leg. The minor cuts weights viz. neck, breast, flank, and foreshank, had no significant differences between the four treatments. Also, the leg muscles, and fat carcass weights had no differences between the four treatments.


Pseudomonas aeruginosa Antibiotic resistance gene Ruminant DNA

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IBRAHEEM, M. W., FARHAN, A. A., SALIH, S. M., & MOHAMMED, T. (2022). Carcass characteristics of Awwasi lambs supplemented with Selenium and Vitamin D3. Iranian Journal of Ichthyology, 9, 355–359. Retrieved from


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