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The aim of this work is to study some biological features of the near-bottom morpho-ecological group (MEG) of Baikal omul, Coregonus migratorius, which spawns in the rivers of the Posolskiy Sor Bay. The fish were collected using nets set from the Posolskiy Sor Bay, Lake Baikal in the first half of September 2019-2020. A total of 116 spawners, including 54 females and 62 males were collected. During the study, the morphology and fecundity of the reproductive gild of Baikal omul in the deep-sea MEG was studied. The results showed an increase in weight indices and absolute individual fecundity. A significant increase in the length and weight of the fish were observed showing that fecundity increases with age. There were increases in average weight, total length, most body height, and absolute individual fecundity (AIF) from those reported before.


Absolute individual fecundity Comparative characteristic Morpho-age variability

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SHATALIN, V., MORUZI, I., ROSTOVTSEV, A., KOZHEMYAKIN, K., & TKACHEV, V. (2023). Some biological characteristics of the reproductive gild of Baikal omul, Coregonus migratorius (Georgi, 1775) in the Posolskiy Sor Bay. Iranian Journal of Ichthyology, 9(3), 140–148.


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