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This study was aimed to estimate the effect of foliar spraying of the algal extract of Chlorella vulgaris on some vegetative and chemical characteristics of broccoli at a concentration of 2 and 4g l-1. The results showed that the highest averages of plant height, stem diameter, number of leaves, leaf area, total chlorophyll content in leaves, inflorescence diameter, nitrogen concentration, potassium concentration, and total carbohydrates as 20.66cm plant-1, 11.92mm plant-1, 21.66 leaves plant-1, 592.9cm2 plant-1, 0.467mg g-1, 11.30cm, 1.45%, 3.11%, 27.83%, respectively at 4g l-1 of algal extracts compared with the control treatment. While at the concentration 2g l-1 of algal extract, the highest averages in the phosphorous content of the florets disc and iron of 0.694% and 6.61µg g-1 were recorded, respectively. The results revealed significant differences between the treatments at P>0.05.


Algal extract Broccoli Chemical characteristics Inflorescence

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KAREEM, A. O., ALGHANMI, H. A., & JAMEEL, D. A. (2022). Effect of Chlorella vulgaris extract on some vegetative and chemical characteristics of the broccoli plant, Brassica oleracea. Iranian Journal of Ichthyology, 9, 369–376. Retrieved from


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