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Naringin is a natural plant compound, found in the juice, flower, and peel of grapefruit and many other citrus fruits. Cyclosporine can affect the male reproductive system in a complex way and may cause male and female infertility when used for a long time. This work aimed to study the role of the nano-naringin compound in reducing the effect of cyclosporine on the efficiency of the reproductive system of male rats. The study conducted by 32 adult rats for 60 days that were divided randomly into four groups. Control group (C) was administrated by distilled water only, (T1) received CsA at the dose of 15mg/kg/day, (T2) CsA administered for 30 days, then nano-naringin at a dose 40mg/kg/day for 30 days, (T3) cyclosporine and nano-naringin have been administered simultaneously for 60 days. No significant differences were observed in the weight of the testis of rats treated with CsA, in contrast to the epididymis. The results sjowed a significant decrease in the level of gene expression of DDX3Y and LHr genes in testicular tissues of rats treated with CsA. CsA administration to rats led to a significant decrease in the level of Testosterone hormone and an increases in the level of luteinizing hormone. CsA treatment caused a significant increase in MDA level and significant decreases in GSH level and CAT activities when compared with the control group. The above parameters were improved to a near-normal level by the combined administration of nano-naringin. The results indicate a curative effect of nanonaringin as an antioxidant that attenuates the side effects of CsA on testicular injury.


Cestode Echinococcosis Taenia ELISA

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KHADHIM, H. A., & KHADHIM, W. M. (2022). Effect of Naringin nanocomposite in improving reproductive system efficiency in white male rats exposed to cyclosporine-induced oxidative stress. Iranian Journal of Ichthyology, 9, 360–368. Retrieved from


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