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This study was conducted to evaluate the water suitability of the Lower Zab River for the purpose of agriculture on sampling in all seasons in two stations of theAltun Kupri and Dibs regions, Kirkuk Governorate. The results of the Piper classification showed that the waters of the Lower Zab River in both regions are alkaline in nature, due to the influence of the original rock components of the region on the water quality. The Stiff Diagram of the study area based on the contents of water ions showed water quality with a carbonic formation. The water quality of the Lower Zab River in the Altun Kobri and Dibs districts is alkaline nature water containing moderate Ca and Mg ions and small percentages of Na and K ions with a predominance of bicarbonate ion. The river waters fall within the field C2 -S1 based on the Richard classification i.e. river water is suitable to irrigate crops.


Water quality Lesser Zab Index Piper classification

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RASHEED, I. M., ASWAD, A. H., JAR, L. F., & AHMED, R. T. (2022). Assessment of water suitability of the Lower Zab River for agriculture in two regions of Altun Kupri and Dibis, Iraq. Iranian Journal of Ichthyology, 9, 227–233. Retrieved from


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