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The present study was aimed to investigate sexual dimorphism in morphometric and meristic characters of three carangid species Carangoides ferdau, Carangoides malabaricus, and Gnathanodon speciosus from the Red Sea, Egypt. The basic statistics of the morphometric indices (relative to SL or HL) of the three carangid species considered sexual dimorphism in C. ferdau, C. malabaricus, and G. speciosusregarding some indices that are size-free and valid as a discriminating tool between males and females of the examined species. The type of size allometry of males and females of the three studied species was estimated according to the bivariate concept. No sexual dimorphism was observed in the meristics characters. Additional features should be investigated to determine sexual dimorphism to facilitate the identification for conservatory purposes and correct management.



Morphometric Meristic sexual dimorphism Red Sea Egypt.

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Ahmed A. MUSTAFA, Environmental Research, Natural conservation sector, Egyptian Environmental Affairs Agency (EEAA).

Fisheries and Aquaculture Technology

Ashraf S. MOHAMMAD, National Institute of Oceanography and Fisheries (NIOF)

Hurghada, Red Sea

Mahmoud M.S FARRAG, Department of Zoology, Al-Azhar University, (Assuit Branch).

Department of Zoology, Al-Azhar University, (Assuit Branch).

Alaa G.M. OSMAN, Department of Zoology, Al-Azhar University, (Assuit Branch).

Department of Zoology, Al-Azhar University, (Assuit Branch).
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MUSTAFA, A. A., MOHAMMAD, A. S., FARRAG, M. M., & OSMAN, A. G. (2021). Sexual dimorphism of morphological characters in three carangid species from the Red Sea, Egypt. Iranian Journal of Ichthyology, 8(3), 223–235.


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