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The Snakeskin gourami (Trichogaster pectoralis) from Sungai Batang swamp, Indonesia has high commercial value and high pressure on population due to fishing, while the fish growth condition is poorly studied. A total of 848 fish ranging 75-200mm (119.14±18.43mm) (TL) and 5-132g (29.76±14.76g) were sampled to estimate its length-weight relationship and condition factors. Local fishermen mostly collected them using horizontal gill-net and also electrofishing device. Based on the results, the Snakeskin gourami grow allometrically (b=2.7748-2.8971), indicating that fish becomes slender as the length increases. Total length and weight of female were significantly higher than those of male (P<0.001). More than 21% of total catch was in 105-114 mm TL, and more than 34% existed 15-24g weight classes. No difference was observed in the percentage of catch number between male and female, as well as in condition factor (K) (P>0.05). The mean K values for male and female were 1.64±0.24 and 1.66±0.21, respectively, indicating that fish in the swamp is in good condition.


Allometric Condition factor Sungai Batang Weight-length.

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AHMADI, A. (2021). Morphometric characteristic and condition factor of snakeskin Gourami (Trichogaster pectoralis) from Sungai Batang Swamp, Indonesia. Iranian Journal of Ichthyology, 8(1), 19–29.


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