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The reproductive biology of Indian halibut, Psettodes erumei, a commercially valuable flatfish species, in the northern Persian Gulf and Oman Sea was studied. A total of 433 specimens were collected monthly from October 2016 to November 2017, and their length, weight, sex, gonad and liver weight, and maturity status were recorded. Monthly variations in Gonado-somatic index showed two obvious peaks in the spawning period in both sexes. Observations from the seasonal maturation curve, the frequency distribution of the female gonadal development stages and the condition factor confirmed recent findings that the spawning periods have two peaks, a higher peak in April-May (spring) and a lower peak in October (autumn). The size at first maturity of females was estimated to be 38.20 cm in total length. The absolute fecundity ranged from 18072 to 332171 eggs while the relative fecundity ranged from 22 to 161 eggs/g. Absolute fecundity was positively correlated with body related parameters (total length/weight) and with gonad weight. Combined, the information provided in this study could be useful for resource managers to set seasonal closure during peak spawning periods and implement minimum size limits above the size at first maturity to let the fish spawn at least once before capture.


Reproduction Maturity stages Sex ratio Flatfish Iran.

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GHANBARZADEH, M., KAMRANI, E., RANJBAR, M. S., SALARPOURI, A., & WALTERS, C. (2021). Reproductive biology of Indian halibut, Psettodes erumei from the northern Persian Gulf and Oman Sea (Teleoststei: Psettodidae). Iranian Journal of Ichthyology, 8(1), 1–13.


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