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The current study aimed to estimate the activities of the two antioxidant enzymes viz. catalase and peroxidase in fronds and ripening enzymes (invertase and cellulose) in fruits of two date palm cultivars, viz. Sayer and Halawi at Khalal stage subjected to irrigation interval periods. The treatments include irrigating by amount 150 L. with different interval periods. The results showed that antioxidant enzymes activity increased by increasing interval period, where treatment 3 recorded the highest concentrations of the catalase and peroxidase, while ripening enzymes decreased with increasing water deficit period.


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FADHIL, A. A., ABD, A. M., & ALI, A. H. (2022). Impact of different irrigation programs on enzymatic activities in leaves, and fruit ripening enzymes of two date palm cultivars of Sayer and Halawi. Iranian Journal of Ichthyology, 9, 88–93. Retrieved from


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