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The resistance against disease is granted by one incompletely dominant gene existing on chromosome eleventh. Gray leaf spot is caused by Stemphylium sp.. This study aimed to distinguish the cultivar resistant alleles or susceptible alleles by molecular marker linked to Resistance Gene (Sm gene) using Marker Assisted Selection (MAS) inbreeding. In this study, we used eight tomato cultivars farmed in Iraq. The results showed that the codominant marker InDe, after PCR amplification, produced a 122bp fragment for resistance in seven genotypes and a 140bp fragment of susceptible alleles in one genotype, respectively could be utilized in MAS for resistance disease of gray leaf spot.


Gray leaf spot Sm gene Tomato Indel markers.

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ALRUFAYE, Z. T. A., GHALEB, I. K., ABIDUKADHIM, A. R., & Safaa, Z. (2022). Detection of resistance gene to gray leaf spot caused by Stemphylium spp. in tomato cultivars of Iraq. Iranian Journal of Ichthyology, 9, 54–56. Retrieved from


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