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This study aimed to evaluate the effect of silver nanoparticles and Moringa leaf extract on testicular histology and antioxidants parameters after a high-fat diet exposure in male rabbits. The experiment was conducted on 30 male white rabbits, which were assigned into 6 experimental groups. The levels of Malondialdehyde (MDA) and the diameter of seminiferous tubules and germinal epithelium thickness were examined and compared. In blood serum of rabbits fed a high-fat diet noted an increased level of MOD. The addition of silver nanoparticles and Moringa leaf extract to the diet decreased the MOD level showed a beneficial effect. Rabbits fed a high-fat diet had a significant reduction in the diameter of seminiferous tubules and a decrease in the thickness of the germinal epithelium. The reduction was induced by supplementation with silver nanoparticles and Moringa leaf extract. Considering these results, it was possible to assume that exposure to silver nanoparticles and Moringa leaf extract have a possible protective effect on the reproductive system of male rabbits.


Food Moringa Nanoparticles MDA.

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Al-ALI, I. A., AL-AWADI, J. H. H., & HASSAN, T. A. A. (2022). Effect of high-fat diet on oxidative stress and testicular function in male rabbits and protective effect of silver nanoparticles and Moringa oleifera. Iranian Journal of Ichthyology, 9, 37–45. Retrieved from


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