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Paraschistura Prokofiev, 2009 is a newly described genus based on osteological characters, but detailed information for all species of the genus is not available. To describe osteological characteristics of the endemic species of Paraschistura nielseni, twelve specimens were collected from the Shapur River of Persis basin which drains to the Persian Gulf and their osteological characteristics were examined. According to the results, P. nielseni is characterised by bearing a square-shaped prevomer, four basibranchials, a semi-ossified sesamoid, a non-alveolar bony swim bladder capsule, and separated pelvic bone bases. Based on these features, P. nielseni could be distinguished from other loaches species.


Osteology Fish skeleton Neurocranium Loach Persis basin.

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AZIMI, H., MOUSAVI-SABET, H., & EAGDERI, S. (2015). Osteological characteristics of Paraschistura nielseni (Cypriniformes, Nemacheilidae). Iranian Journal of Ichthyology, 2(3), 155–164.


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