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This study aimed to investigate the impact of fishing in Iranian part of the Caspian Sea during 1991-2017 years using fishing-in-balance (FiB), mean trophic level (MTI), ratio of pelagic and demersal fish landings (P/D) and piscivory (PI) indices. The mean (±S.D) of MTI were 2.91±0.38 (95% C.I =3.14-2.67). Its value is first reduced and then increase happened and ultimately stays constant. The mean of FiB was 0.13 (95% C.I=0.28-(-0.02)) and its trend was similar to that of total landing. The mean of Pi index, P/D index, pelagic fish and demersal fish were 0.04±0.02 (95% C.I=0.09-(-0.012)), 3.16±2.31 (95% C.I = 0.6-(-0.52)), 38529±22883 (95% C.I=38585-38472) and 13380±3314 (95% C.I= 3401-13358), respectively. The results revealed that the fish stock in the Iranian waters of the Caspian Sea have been over-exploited. Considering that fishing impacts on the trophic level, we suggest that the fishery management should not continue this trend.


Trophic level FiB index P/D ratio Fishing impacts Over-exploited.

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HASHEMI, S. A., TAGHAVI MOTLAGH, S. A., HEDAYATI, A., & FAZLI, H. (2019). Fishing-in-balance, mean trophic level, ratio of pelagic and demersal fish landings and piscivory indices of coastal fisheries landings in Iranian part of the Caspian Sea. Iranian Journal of Ichthyology, 6(2), 112–122.


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