Age, growth, sex ratio, spawning season and fecundity of Capoeta razii from Sefidroud River in the southern Caspian Sea basin



Some aspects of reproductive biology of Capoeta razii, an endemic cyprinid species from the Sefid River in the southern Caspian Sea basin, were studied by monthly sampling throughout a year. Age, growth, sex ratio, spawning season, fecundity, gonado-somatic, modified gonado-somatic and Dobriyal indices were estimated. The sex ratio (F: M) was obtained as 1.00:2.63, and the percentage of males was greater than females. The mature males and females were longer than 88 and 148 mm in total length, and 1+ and 2+ in age, respectively. The spawning of C. razii took place from late May to late August when the water temperature was between 19.7 and 22.8C. At the beginning of the reproduction period, the average gonado-somatic index values were 10.0% ranging from 4.03% to 15.90% in ripe females. The estimated gonadal indices showed that the ripe males were ready to spawn earlier than females. The average egg diameter was 0.99±0.65, ranging from 0.2 to 2.3 mm. The averages absolute and relative fecundity were 4386±2174 and 66.3±37.8, respectively. The absolute fecundity was significantly related to body weight and gonad weight.


Reproductive biology; Oocyte diameter; Gonado-somatic index; Spawning season.

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