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The present study provides a checklist of the family Blenniidae from intertidal habitats along the Iranian coasts of Persian Gulf and Makran Sea. This research carried out during the years 2013-2018 at nine stations (Dayyer, Haale, Bostanou, Bandar Lenge, Qeshm, Gataan, Jask, Gugsar and Chabahar) with almost rocky profile covering whole distribution range of the family. A total of 15 species including 11 species from collection sites and four species from previous works are listed  here: Alticus kirkii, Antennablennius adenensis, A. bifilum, A. variopunctatus, Istiblennius edentulus, I. lineatus, I. pox, I. spilotus, Parablennius cornutus, P. opercularis, P. pilicornis and Scartella emarginata (subfamily Salariinae); Omobranchus fasciolatus, O. mekranensis and O. punctatus (subfamily Blenniinae). The most diverse genus is Istiblennius (four species, 26.6%) followed by Antennablennius, Parablennius and Omobranchus (each with three species, 20%), Alticus and Scartella (each with one species, 6.6%). All reported species, except the endemic Makran comb-tooth blenny, Omobranchus mekranensis, Vulnerable) are considered as Least Concern (LC).


Salariinae Blenniinae Systematics Diversity Morphological characters.

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Hamidreza MEHRABAN, Ichthyology and Molecular Systematics Research Laboratory, Zoology Section, Department of Biology, College of Sciences, Shiraz University, Shiraz, Iran.

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MEHRABAN, H., & ESMAEILI, H. R. (2018). Comb-tooth blennies of the intertidal zones of Persian Gulf and Makran Sea: Morphology, taxonomy, distribution and conservation status (Blenniiformes: Blenniidae). Iranian Journal of Ichthyology, 5(3), 192–211.


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