Age and growth of Alburnoides cf. tabarestanensis (Teleostei: Cyprinidae) in the Zav Stream, Southeastern Caspian Sea basin



This study was carried out from February to June 2016 in Zav Stream (Northern Iran). A total of 195 specimens including 87 females and 107 males of Alburnoides tabarestanensis were collected from this stream. Even though the sex ratio was obtained 1:1.22 in favor of males, however, there were no significant differences in sex ratio from 1:1 statistically. Means of the length and weight (SD) were determined as 6.38±1.28cm and 4.26-2.71g for males, 6.2±1.84cm and 4.64±4.48g for females. The maximum age was observed as 5+ in both sexes. Length-weight relationship (LWR) was estimated as W=0.0151TL2.9784 for males,W=0.0119TL3.1214 for females and W=0.013TL3.067 for combined sexes, indicating that growth model is negative allometric for males and positive allometric for females and total population. The highest and lowest values of condition factor were observed in May and February. The VBGF was and Lt=12.90(1 – e–0.23(t+0.664)) and Lt =13.97(1 – e–0.23(t+0.156)) for males and females respectively. Information provided here could be used in the conversation and management of this cyprinid fish species.


Spirlin, Growth pattern, Length-weight relationship, Condition factor.

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