Geographic distribution of the genus Chondrostoma Agassiz, 1832 in Iran (Teleostei: Cyprinidae)



Distribution of the genus Chondrostoma in Iran, which is mostly known from the Caspian Sea, Tigris River, Kor River and Esfahan basins was mapped. The Kura nase, Chondrostoma cyri is reported from Armenia, Georgia and Iran and it is found in the streams and rivers draining to the western coast of the Caspian Sea from the Kuma River in the north southward to the Kura and Aras River basins in the south. The king or Mesopotamian nase, C. regium is widely distributed in Turkey, Iran, Iraq and Syria. It is found in the Qweik and Orontes River basins (Mediterranean Sea basin), the endorheic Esfahan basin and exorheic Tigris-Euphrates and Zohreh River basins (Persian Gulf basin). The Kor nase, C. orientale is distributed only in the endorheic Kor River basin of Iran and prefers medium to large streams and also large rivers.


Distribution pattern, Fish diversity, Middle East, Iran.

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