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Hepatitis B infection (HBV) is known as the primary driver of hepatitis B. Such an infection can assault and damage the entire of the liver cells. The huge issue with the hepatitis B infection is the vast majority with its contamination have no manifestations, particularly when they are either as of late tainted or their contaminated is constant. In the current study, the level of some boundaries (GPT, GOT, ALP, bilirubin and CRP) were estimating for patients with constant hepatitis B. Sixty examples were taken in the investigation with age of 27.35±7.61year. In chronic patients, the levels of GPT, GOT, ALP, bilirubin and CRP were 25, 30, 30 and 30% with significant different with those of controls (15, 10, 10 and 10%). There was critical contrast in GPT and GOT, but as no high distinction in bilirubin and CRP.  The current examination suggests that a need to check a wide range of viral hepatitis B to ensure the contamination stage, particularly during medical procedures and pregnancy.


Chronic hepatitis B virus Liver functions Bilirubin C-reactive protein.

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BAQER ALMAYALI, E. J., & HUSSEIN, A. R. (2021). Effect chronic hepatitis B virus on liver functions parameters and C-reactive protein. Iranian Journal of Ichthyology, 8, 88–91. Retrieved from


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