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Length weight relationships (LWRs) were estimated for five endemic/native fish species collected from five localities in the inland waters of Oman in 2020 including Aphaniops kruppi and A. stoliczkanus (Aphaniidae), Cyprinion muscatense (Cyprinidae: Barbinae), and Garra barreimiae and G. longipinnis (Cyprinidae: Labeoninae) using foldable shrimp and crab fishing traps (mesh size of 3*3mm) and scoop nets (mesh size of 3*3mm). The parameter of b for all five species was within the expected range of 2.5–3.5. as proposed for different fishes (except for female A. stoliczkanus), and there were high and significant correlation coefficients for all species (0.931-0.972). Bailey’s ‘t’ test in the five studied species showed that b value significantly deviated from 3.


Endemic fishes Middle East Oman LWR.

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AL JUFAILI, S. M., SAYYADZADEH, G., JAWAD, L., & ESMAEILI, H. R. (2021). Length-weight relationships of five fish species from the inland waters of Oman. Iranian Journal of Ichthyology, 8(1), 62–66.


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