First Occurrence of Pempheris schwenkii and Pempheris mangula (Perciformes: Pempheridae) from marine waters of Odisha coast, Bay of Bengal, India

Tapan Kumar BARIK, Surya Narayan SWAIN, Bijayalaxmi SAHU, Bibarani TRIPATHY, Usha Rani ACHARYA


The present study reports the first record of two marine fish species namely the black-stripe sweeper Pempheris schwenkii Bleeker, 1855 and the black-edge sweeper Pempheris mangula Cuvier, 1829, of the family Pempheridae from Gopalpur-on Sea, Odisha coast, India. Although, we find a number of fish samples of both the species, still there is no evidence that both the species have established a breeding population in marine waters of Gopalpur coast. Therefore, at present both the species must be regarded as casual rather than native species.


Pempheridae, First record, Black-edged sweeper, Black-stripe sweeper.

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