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The length-weight relationship and condition factor of eight fish species from three basins in Iran were estimated. All specimens were captured from May 2010 to August 2017. Total length and total weight ranged 2.2-39.1cm and 0.14-656g, respectively. The b-value was calculated using W=aLb, which ranged from 2.53 (Paraschistura turcmenica) to 3.2 (Garra rufa), and condition factor was 0.89 (P. turcmenica) to 1.53 (G. rossica). This study provided LWR and condition factor of Chondrostoma cyri for the first time from Iranian inland waters.


LWRs Paraschistura turcmenica Iranian Inland waters.

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ABBASI, K., MOULUDI-SALEH, A., EAGDERI, S., & SARPANAH, A. (2019). Length-weight relationship and condition factor of eight species of the genera Capoeta, Garra, Chondrostoma, Schizothorax and Paraschistura from Iranian inland waters. Iranian Journal of Ichthyology, 6(4), 264–270.


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