Length frequency distribution, length-weight relationship and condition factor of cichlid fishes (Teleostei: Cichlidae) from the New Calabar River, Nigeria

Olaniyi Alaba OLOPADE, Henry Eyina DIENYE, Akpojicheko EYEKPEGHA


This research was conducted to study length frequency distribution, length-weight relationship (LWR) and condition factor of 10 cichlid fishes, viz. Coptodon guineensis, Coptodon zillii, Coptodon dageti, Pelmatolapia mariae, Hemichromis fasciatus, Pelvicachromis taeniatus, Chomidotilapia guntheri, Tylochromis sudanensis, Sarotherodon galilaeus and Sarotherodon melanotheron from New Calabar River. Samples were collected on monthly basis during February to July, 2017. A total of 1073 specimens ranging from 13.12±0.82 to 17.07±0.94cm in total length and 45.00±8.00 to 103.01±25.81g in total weight were collected. The LWR regressions showed that the exponent b value ranged from 2.38 (Coptodon guineensis) to 3.00 (Sarotherodon galilaeus). The coefficients of determination (r2) of the LWR regressions ranged between 0.82 for Coptodon guineensis and 0.98 for Sarotherodon galilaeus indicating strong LWR relationships. The Fulton condition factor ranged from 1.95±0.06 (Pelvicachromis taeniatus) to 2.22±0.11 (Pelmatolapia mariae), indicating good conditions for the studied species.


Africa, Allometry, Growth pattern, Isometry, Perciformes.

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