Cyprinodontid fishes of the world: an updated list of taxonomy, distribution and conservation status (Teleostei: Cyprinodontoidea)



This checklist aims to list all the reported cyprinodontid fishes (superfamily Cyprinodontoidea/pupfishes) of the world. It lists 141 species in 8 genera and 4 families. The most diverse family is Cyprinodontidae (54 species, 38%), followed by Orestiidae (45 species, 32%), Aphaniidae (39 species, 28%), and Cubanichthyidae (3 species, 2%). Among 141 listed species, 73 (51.8%) species are Not Evaluated (NE), 15 (10.6%) Least Concern (LC), 9 (6.4%) Vulnerable (VU), 3 (2.1%) Data Deficient (DD), 11 (7.8%) Critically Endangered (CR), 4 (2.8%) Near Threatened (NT), 18 (12.8%) Endangered (EN), 3 (2.1%) Extinct in the Wild (EW) and 5 (3.5%) Extinct of the Red List of IUCN. They inhabit in the fresh, brackish and marine waters of the United States, Middle America, the West Indies, parts of northern South America, North Africa, the Mediterranean Anatolian region, coastal areas of the Persian Gulf and Makran Sea (Oman Sea), the northern Arabian Sea east to Gujarat in India, and some endorheic basins of Iran, Pakistan and the Arabian Peninsula.


Biodiversity, Conservation, Checklist, Cyprinodontiformes.

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