Length-weight and length-length relationships and condition factor of six cyprinid fish species of Zarrineh River (Urmia Lake basin, Iran)



This research was conducted to study the length-weight and length-length relationships and condition factor of six cyprinid fish species viz. Alburnus atropatena, Barbus lacerta, Capoeta capoeta, Carrasius gibelio, Romanogobio macropterus and Pseudorasbora parva from Zarrineh River (Urmia Lake basin, Iran). A total of 188 specimens ranging from 2.9 to 21.4cm in total length and 0.22 to 176g in total weight were collected. Based on the results, the values of b varied between 2.59 for C. capoeta, to 3.26 for A. atropatenae. All length-weight relationships were significant (P<0.001), with r2 greater than 0.88. The condition factor were found to be between 0.075±0.244 for C. capoeta to 1.021±0.143 for C. gibelio. The length-length relations between total length, fork length, and standard length for the six fish species were highly significant (r2>0.98). All linear regressions were highly significant (P<0.05). The result of this study may be useful for biologists and fishery managers.


Freshwater fishes, River, Habitat, LWR, LLR.

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